Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ya' "Vett" Cha Kit

Wow everyone im so sorry .. I have had 3-D troubles.. and house guests.. I had a Birthday as well.. alot has happened.. but.. Here is a kit that I have dedicated to a real great friend Yvette.. I love ya girl keep the kits and tuts coming I will do them all.. I stink when it comes to naming things.. this one is called Ya Vett Cha .. (Ya betcha its Black and White.. ) I had some humor bug bite me.. Hope ya like it

You can download HERE TOUs at the bottom of the kit.. enjoy

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Its a Party

Hello everyone.. Im glad to see you all again... I feel like the Birthday Party is in here now.. no you didnt miss it.. its the 4th.. but it falls on a school night and the grandkids wouldnt be able to come and play.. well that reminds me.. kids playing omg.. one of them came up to me bugs in hand and said " Look Nana what I got!" soo I have an idea for my next kit..I also have been thinking .. I wanna put a surprise message in one of my blogs.. I wanna see if people really read blogs or not .. so i would like some suggestions of what the prize should be if some one frinds it.. If you would be so kind. and are reading this.. please comment let me know wut it could be.. and with in a week i will put a hidden message in a blog.. hugs dia.. Advice for the day.. no matter how old you are there is always something you can learn.. We all teach our children.. but they also teach us.. Have you gotten an A+ in listening to what they have to say today? its off to a Birthday count down.. 3