Sunday, August 31, 2008

Permissions and garbbly goo

Hey ya'll.. Im writing to let you all know.. Im not writing tuts anymore.. lol.. so Im not with TWI .You all have permission to use the kits as long as you link the kit back to my blog here,do not share it.. a ty is so nice thats it.. Simple? you got it,.. oh.. here is an email for you when you want me,need me,or just wanna love me.. lmfao.. diamondsdazzle a shout out to Olivia.. hunny I wrote you but it came back to me Im sorry .. but here you and everyone can get to me.. now ya'll be nice.. lol.. oh BTW at the bottom of each kit.. is a TOU as well.. Have fun enjoy them.. I love making them.. Hugs Dia
Food for thought: whats for breakfast?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Come on let me know!

Come on let me know what you would like me to venture out in.. I have been thinking word art,templates,more kits,(need color schemes tho) there are so many talented creators out in the world I need some ideas.. I hate being a copy cat.. I want something different.. Help me think of things you would like.. any ideas I will consider.. cuz Im adventurous.. I expect you to place a comment below.. I cant create Im letters,whaaa cuz I havent found a good tut,I cant create Blog back grounds.. havent found a good tut,umm hmmm I dont know I need some advise.. lol.. so come on!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Thank You for all your comments

I wanna say ty for all that have posted comments.. I read each and every one.. ty..I have to say.. It takes alot to hit my over pissitivity point.. but she done did it.. Jodie hunny,dont do as I do, do as I say.. and I say.. Please dont get in trouble.. lmao I would feel real bad.. hahaha.. Im bold at times.but.I will never ever see that woman again.. what do I care if I spoke the truth.!. I am a very sarcastic woman to begin with.. I dont tolerate disrespect from no one.. I gave her something to think about tho.. But you see these people work. you need to kill people with kindness,not kiss ass just be kind.. it does rub off on people.. they will catch on.. Im so happy everyone likes my comfy shoes.. them r my shizniz.. Im going to go off into the 3D world and have bloods done.. yeah yeah Im being ordered around..but hey they keep me alive I suppose.. hmmm should I suspect something... lmfao.. any ways I luv ya all,have a great day or night where ever you may be.. and remember there is an angel watching and helping.. be kind and smile hugs Dia

Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy shoes

here are my HAPPY SHOES.. Im still effected by this woman

nuffin wrong wiff dem iz der?

" Naughtical"

Well hello there world! I have missed you.. well I have a story and kit.. I have a gripe of RICH people.. grr.. they think their rose gardens smell better than the Poor Peoples gardens.. well I seen this lady wearing a Nautical scarf,(where the colors and stripes in this kit came from) .. She was from Cape Cod.. whoopie do.. She looked down at my happy shoes.. they are soo comfy.. I dont know the name of them.. but they are this vibrant lime green rubber things with freaky flowers on them.. "I just love them"..she sneered and said its a good thing those are for you unfortunate people in NY , I wouldnt be caught dead wearing them where I come from.. Well.. pfft.. I said "well lady If you ever decide take that broom outta ya ass and need something to stick back up there.. I got a size(10) ten of these shoes that I can put up there for ya to get you back home to the Cape and bury your dead ass in them .." I was ever so heated.. anyways I was a Naughti-gal.. lol

heres is Naughtical

Kit is HERE

Thought for the day: No matter how much money you have or dont have
just remember LOVE is priceless spread yours give someone a hug

Friday, August 22, 2008

I Won

I Won an Award!
I was given this award by Nicole Thank you so much hun!1.The winner can put the logo on her blog2. Link the person you received your award from.3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.4. Put links of those blogs on yours.5. Leave a message on the blogs of the girls you’ve nominated.

I really dont know how to do this.. but ty and I recommend everyones blogs.. lol I will figure it all out yet.. again ty

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hello World

Hello my wonderful family and friends.. I see everyone is enjoying the kits.. thank you so much ,its the least i can do for all my net friends.. I have had a real interesting day.. on one hand I was very sad,, then I was very happy.. and nooooo im not doing drugs.. lmao I have told you all that my daughter was living with me.. well shes not any more and we parted on bad terms.. so Im regreting all I said and did and I miss her and my Grand kids and it made me very sad.. on the other hand.. My husband and I went to his Favorite Aunts house.. another aunt (he at43yrs old) has never met came all the way to NY from Texas to rekindle a family.. WOW is all I can say! it was the best night getting together with family, I can say we have ever had in the 19 years of our Marriage! (Yeah ,yeah Im doing a life sentence with out possible parole.)

Any who.. I have decided in a group I am in to make tags for a bit.. I will continue to make scraps as well so I might not blog everyday... But hey.. Yell in my Gossip box! I check that everday.. those who need me, you know how to get me.. those how just want me.. ask my hubby.. those who love me ,give me a shout out..
Food for thought...Cherish every moment you have with family and friends,, you are not promised a tomorrow Hugs Dia

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Hello everyone... I have finally had some time to finish my Envy kit.. Let me just say there is a silly friend of mine who is envious of how I handle situations in my life.. My life holds so much DRAMA and I just deal.. I have told her dont envy my life hunny I want someone elses truely! with out further ado this Kit Is HUGE I swear it has like 47 layers

You May download HERE enjoy Hugs Dia
Food for thought.. Never look in someones back yard.. You have the swingset!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Where have I been?

Hello all my wonderful friends and family.. Im so sorry I havent been around to much.. I have had OMG real life dramas.. My Kid with 3 kids of her own moved back home.. ewww...I had a death in the family,Im swamped in my Gmail accounts,I have opened photoshop 2 times and Im working on ENVY.. (a new kit) I have so much to do and no time.. I will reup vet cha in any form u need Please be patient.. I swear I will not have another heart attack.. lmfao I have to get back to the people that truely dont LOVE me to DEATH! lmfao.. I say that about the stress my family gives me.. oh that reminds me.. My mother was in the hospital in this drama filled few months.. Lymes.. omg.. so any who.. I miss you all Luv ya all that pop in all the time.. Thank you for spreading my kits around.. I wanna see the world.. lol.. hugs.. Food for thought.. Look for the Joy in your life.. Do you have it?