Saturday, January 3, 2009

OMG Happy New Years

Omg all.. I have had the worse luck in the world.. but im back.. I have found some new girls I wanted you to check out.. here they are kewl and have free kits and tuts.. ummm I lost my internet but Im back now.. I havent been able to open psp.. its broke.. lol umm no new kits.. but I will uninstall psp and try again.. I have new grands coming.. umm holy moly alot going on.. I hope you all have a wonderful healthy and prosperous New Year.. God Bless Diamond

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Whats New?

Hello world friends and family.. I strongly apologize for my absence.. I have had a world wind come at me in the past few weeks.. I was Moving my mother into my home.. I have had to deal with a life altering change with my daughters life.. I have had a lil bit of health issues lol.. My hubby has lost his job.. umm well it freaking poured when it rained on me and I didnt have an Umbrella.. lmfao but hey.. Its life.. It gave me lemons, so I grabbed the salt and Tequila! hahahah nah just kidding.. I have to have some kind of humor in this whole thing called a Merry go round of life.. ok.. it can stip now im dizzy I will puke.. I hope I can get my eyes in here more often as the freakin Catarats have me blind... oh yeah... I went to the surgen yesterday I have catarats at 47.. omfg.. anywho.. as mother Teresa said.. "I know God wont give me more than I can handle.. but I wish he didnt trust me so much!"
Oh yeah, now I come on the net to find disturbing news.. MSN will be closing communities.. sheesh.. what next?.. Please everyone.. If you start a group forum,or a fun spot Yank my hair and pull me there... I have been on the net sooo long made awesome friends I would hate to loose any.. Jo Jo,Yvette,Missy Laura.. cherished,sblended,creative mistifs.. come get me....
ok everone.. I will stop the jibber jabber now and let you all comment.. dont forget me..
thought for the day!......People come and go in and out of your life.. Only the true friends leave their footprints on your heart... have a great day hugs and love

Friday, October 3, 2008

My Questioneer

.1.How long have you been using PSP? (9 years Started out on psp 6)

2. How did you get into making tags, scrapkits? Omg so many tag msn groups over the years

3. Who's your fav artist? Keith Garv,Barb Jensen,Rion,Janesko ect...

4.Who's your favorite Scrap Designer? Kay Miller and Nit wit

5. Which three blogs do you visit everyday? Omg I visit every blog in my favs

So now I shall pass this questionnaire on to:

Sophisticated Scraps

Kristin's Wicked Scrapz

The Scrappin Divaz

Monday, September 22, 2008

New Kit.. Purple Addict

Here is the latest Kit Inspired by a close friend I have just refound.. She had Purple Hair at the time we met.. Hugs to you 2 Dave.. Heres to You my Lil Twylite.. Love you like crazy! hugs Enjoy everyone its huge again..

The Kit Is HERE ty for Looking Hope you like and Enjoy.. Hugs Dia

Thought for the day: Your never too old for and adventure.. Take the Leap..

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Im so Happy

Im so happy Im getting the chance to meet some extraordinary People and refind old friends just by having this blog.. Im Having some health issues right at this second.. i am working on my purple Kit but it will be a few still.. Please have patients and give a prayer if you believe and have faith.. I promise I wont take to much time.. I have so much to do.. and I have found a new passion.. Incredimail stats.. woohoo thank you Lynn my friend its so addictive.. and its all your fault now.. good gosh Im needing a 12 step program for being creative PSP,PS, Making scraps and now Mail.. sheesh no wonder im not well.. lmfao hugs Dia

Thought for the day: If Your a parent ,Tell your children you love them.. thank them for being who they are.. Have patients with them.. If your parents are still alive.. tell them you love them ,Thank them for being there for you no matter how they got on your back,and have Patients with them as well as they have had for you.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Thought for the Day

Hahah This is my Favorite dog,and I wanted to say ty to my daughter and give you all thought for the day.. hugs Dia

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Omg .. yesterday was just the best.. I decided to put a friends email address into my myspace.. My dearest Friend Twylite went missing on me 3 years ago.. I have been on the net almost 10 years now.. we became friends thru some msn groups.. then a bunch of us used to go into yahoo chat rooms and go live voice and do psp together.. here i go rambling.. any who.. I just put her name in and POOF shes there!!! OMG .. we were sooo excited exchanged new tele phones numbers and we called and talked 96 minutes.. she had a new baby,doing soo well! OMG!!! it was just the best,.. we talked about everything.. including a pic I have with her in purple hair.. we talked about the Diamond Mines,and all the people we miss.. so.. here is some advise. if someone you are,were close with just disappears.. go to myspace.. put in an addy ya never know.. my new kit will be in purple dedicated to her hair gone wild.. lmao I Love you Twy! hugs dia