Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Im so Happy

Im so happy Im getting the chance to meet some extraordinary People and refind old friends just by having this blog.. Im Having some health issues right at this second.. i am working on my purple Kit but it will be a few still.. Please have patients and give a prayer if you believe and have faith.. I promise I wont take to much time.. I have so much to do.. and I have found a new passion.. Incredimail stats.. woohoo thank you Lynn my friend its so addictive.. and its all your fault now.. good gosh Im needing a 12 step program for being creative PSP,PS, Making scraps and now Mail.. sheesh no wonder im not well.. lmfao hugs Dia

Thought for the day: If Your a parent ,Tell your children you love them.. thank them for being who they are.. Have patients with them.. If your parents are still alive.. tell them you love them ,Thank them for being there for you no matter how they got on your back,and have Patients with them as well as they have had for you.

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